“I Can’t Afford Education So I Learn on Social Media”

Hello Friends, Fellow Hairstylists, and Members of HairdesignerTV,

Hope all is well in the salon and business is booming as it should! 

I want to switch up the topic and focus on a concerning challenge arising in our industry since the social media boom! Less and less chairs are filling up at industry shows and in one on one classrooms! The reason? Stylists believe it is cheaper to learn in the comfort of their home than travel. Look, I understand that mindset. I built Hairdesignertv with the intention of making learning convenient. However, online learning should only be used to support your learning journey, never replace the one on one, hands on, practical learning from an expert! However, that mindset could be costing you.

A hairstylist who does not invest in continued education loses the opportunity to increase her prices because the value of her services is not improving. Therefore, costing her more money in the long run.



There is something to be said about having a mentor correcting your technique and form. You have to decide what is most important to you. Do you want to learn quick or do you want to learn right?


Today, I want to show you a few budgeting adjustments that you can implement to free up money for hands on education to support your online learning experience!

1. We all love that amazing cup of Starbucks coffee, right? If you are like most and  whip through the drive-thru for your morning cup of motivation, I have a challenge for you! Make your coffee at home! Here’s what you would save:

 $5 x 5 = $25      $25 x 52 weeks = $1300

2. Trade your lunchtime fast food for homemade heart healthy choices! Not only will it improve your education budget, but it will sure shrink the waistline as well! A meal costs $5 to $7 at a fast food restaurant, whereas at home averages out to $1.50 to $3.00.

$7 x 5 = $35      $35 x 52 weeks = $1820

3.  Now is the time to quit smoking!! A pack of cigarettes range from $7-12! If you are a pack of day kind of person, you could save an incredible amount of money!

$7 x 365 = $2,555

There are numerous ways to cut back so you can afford hands on education. Honestly, if you love being a hairstylist, I’m not sure how you can afford NOT to further your education. The sooner you do, the sooner you can increase your prices and afford a life that can sustain the luxury of the finer things.

Simplicity Booth Day 2 83140


I hope this brings perspective into your business and life, my friends! Keep rising to great levels and give your clients the absolute best version of yourself. That is what successful hairstylists are made of!




Vivienne Mackinder 


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