I’m a Hairstylist, What Now?

Hello Friends, Fellow Hairstylists, and Members of HairDesignerTv, 


I hope business is booming for everyone this summer! However, if it’s not, today just might be your lucky day!!!

I recently received a message from a cosmetology student asking how to break into the industry. I wanted to share whispers of wisdom from the last 40 years of my career, but it was important to me to give more than the obvious “Hand out 5 cards a day!” or “Use a great referral system.”

Today, I’m giving you advice that could be applied at any point in your career. Regardless of your age, level, and seniority, you can easily adopt these words of wisdom!


Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.29.30 PMFind a mentor. 

This may sound like an easy thing to do but if you seek out the wrong mentor, your career might suffer for it. Instead, seek out a mentor with the similar career path you would like to take. Mirror them. This does not mean you should become less of you and more of them. It means that the values they chose to commit to in order  to achieve success may be worth looking into. Mentorship is one of my favorite subjects because of my Salon Training Program, where I mentor salon leaders on the art of training, hiring the right staff, and understanding who in their present team is “on the bus!”



You can never be too educated!

Education is everything. If you want your professional voice to matter, you must equip yourself with the knowledge to back it up. You must find on AND offline classes and workshops. You must remember that nothing should ever replace hands on advice you can receive from reliable industry professionals in a LIVE class. Click here to apply for one of my upcoming workshops!


Own an1S3A3631 impeccable work ethic.

Have high standards in business values and be impeccable with your work ethic. Show up early. Be the last to leave. Serve your clients with an open heart. Go above and beyond. Be a dependable team member. Support your co workers during the day. Be the first one to pick up a broom. Do more than you are paid to do. Last but not least.. always always do good business. Good business karma is a real thing!

If you are struggling to break out, rise to your potential, and become a valuable asset in this industry, I challenge you to focus on owning each of these concepts, one at a time. Give yourself time to own the ideas in this article and watch how your career will make a shift!


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Vivienne Mackinder 

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