The #1 Success Factor For Salons

Hello Friends, Fellow Hairstylists, and Members of HairDesignerTv,

I have been noticing a lack of something so critical missing in, not only salons, but in businesses across the world as I travel. Culture.

What is business culture? It is the style of business operations within a company. 


A business’s culture defines the values and belief systems that it operates on.

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Culture provides a standard of expectations for your team, for your services, and for your day to day operations.

Teams with a strong business culture work together, have strong conflict resolution practices, and provide consistent standards of services. Teams with a weak business culture have a lost sense of vision, fall apart when faced with adversity, and struggle for cohesiveness.

Copy of Copy of OGSL - New Product Thumbnails

My Train the Trainer workshop was built to provide a system of training tools for salon owners, creative directors, and salon managers for the purpose of building your salon’s culture

I will guide you through the “Designer Program”, an elite apprenticeship program designed to equip you with a learning path for your new hires and provides a consultation communication system called Soft Skills, that trains the stylist to design to the client’s face shape, personality and lifestyle. If you’re  ready to….

✔   Become The Leading Salon in Your Community
Increase The Productivity Of Your Team
Make Your Customer Experience More Consistent
Increase The Communication Skills Among Your Team
Motivate Your Staff & Eliminate Drama

The time has come to take control of your business the way you had dreamed of when you first opened the doors and Train the Trainer is the perfect place to start!!

Click the image below to apply!



Vivienne Mackinder 

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