About Vivienne

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Who is Vivienne Mackinder?


Much like the way her horses transport her to a world where nature inspires the colors and shapes of her hair creations, Vivienne Mackinder’s images transport hairdressers to a world where creative talent is only limited by one’s imagination. Founder of HairDesignerTV.com and seven time winner of the North American Hairdresser Awards (NAHA), Mackinder has worked alongside some of the most respected names in professional beauty.

Upon graduating from the London College of Fashion, Mackinder worked for Vidal Sassoon, eventually becoming his artistic director. In 1990, she left London for the United States to work with Trevor Sorbie as his international creative director. During her time working with both, she learned valuable lessons that she instills in hairdressers as she works to help them advance their skills, either through in-person workshops, industry events and online through her eponymous site and HairDesignerTV.com.

Launched in 2002, HairDesignerTV.com is a fee-based educational platform designed to provide hairdressers with basic and advanced techniques through video step-by-steps and instruction. Mackinder posts collections as well as live workshops. Memberships vary in price and length, allowing hairdressers the freedom of when and how to use the site based on their specifications.

Mackinder’s collections and imagery remain sought-after from editors both domestically and internationally. She has been a frequent contributor to the runway, working as key hairdresser behind the scenes with Vivienne Westwood, VH1, Vogue Fashion awards, showcasing the Oscar winning awards of Edith Head during Paris, London and New York fashion weeks.  Television experience on QVC, Celebrity Signature Infomercials to her work being shown on Lifetime and the Discovery channelShe has been a celebrity hairstylist working with people like Katie Couric for NBC today show, Down Town Julie Brown from MTV, Entertainment Tonight, Ricky Martin, Ricky Lake, Boy George, and Princess Cecile Bourbon and many others. 

Vivienne’s skills and passion for her craft are continuously recognized in an ever-changing industry despite the rapid turnover of trends. Mackinder was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from NAHA in 2009, the International ICON Award from the Irish Hairdressing Federation in 2011, the Leo Passage Educator of the Year Award from Intercoiffure in 2012, the Visionary Artist Award in 2013 as well as the AIPP Best Commercial Award in 2014.

Through her many years in beauty, Mackinder has remained at the forefront and her name is recognized as often as her work. She is driven by her mission to hone and share her artistry with those working to take their careers to the next level.


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