Vivienne Mackinder releases her spring collection, “Illuminations”

Founder of, renowned editorial stylist and platform artist Vivienne Mackinder, has released her newest collection, “Illuminations.”

Vivienne accentuates the feminine in the group of five color photographs. The undone deconstructed styles are a departure from her last pictorial, “Poets,” which featured geometric, strong, and androgynous styles.

Vivienne says, “Illuminations is a celebration of how far women have come. In the 1980’s, women fought hard to get what men had – the top jobs, the same income, and in order to do that, they had to subvert their femininity. Now, women have secured so much power that they don’t have to blend. They can be soft again.”

Mackinder says she wants her collection to offer escape from “today’s harsh realities.” The slowing economy and the Iraq war sit heavily on people’s shoulders. Vivienne wants to offer a vision of lightness; she has seen this shift to whimsy and escapism in the pages of the world’s leading fashion magazines.

“I definitely felt like I, and everybody else, need something pretty and pure to rest our eyes on, even if only for a second,” says Vivienne.

To create the look for “Illuminations”, Vivienne used razors, abstracted classical lines, and varied textures. For photograph “Kerry1” and “Kerry5”, Vivienne razor-cut the model’s hair using a softened bob line. She broke into the layers, and finished using a round brush, blowing the hair in different directions.

On “Kerry2”, Vivienne used both the model’s own hair and hairpieces to create tendrils. The longest part of the look was in the crown, which Mackinder diffused, hand-styled, and then used a small curling iron. On “Kerry5”, Vivienne smoothed the top of the model’s hair, then curled the underneath in vertical sections to get the stacked look. She used wax and hairspray to get moldable hold for all the looks.

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