Moody Blue

Moody Blue Collection by Vivienne Mackinder

Moody Blue was 100% inspired by the fashion designer Katya Leonovich, an amazing Russian designer based out of NYC, who year each showcases her work at NYC Fashion week.

I was so impressed by Katya’s originality and creative spirit. Trevor Sorbie always reminded me that there is a ‘fine line between creativity and bad taste,” his voice still haunts me today as I respect this guide-line. Katya fashion truly celebrates the beauty of being a woman. I asked Katya if I could have a swatch of fabric and design my collection around her looks, thankfully she said yes.

HO HO off to work we go – I draped the fabric around a mannequin – playing with numerous colors within the blue and turquois family, using white and black as my back ground.

I lost count on the hours of work put into the collection, lets just say 3 weeks, with great support from my HDTV interns who are part of HairDesignerTV mentorship program. I think they viewed me as the ‘Nutty professor’, especially when I asked them to put a wig in the fringe to ‘cold set’ after the wigs spa steam. I just told my interns that I am a maturing eccentric English lady and this is what happens when you have lived a colorful life!

As in all creative endeavors, there are many failures before success. My goal was to combine so many disciplines in design, from precision and abstract cutting, razor work, dress work, back combing, setting, steaming, working with wigs, hair pieces and extensions. Yes every thing came out of the cupboard. all of which were infused with lots of fun color. From professional hair color, to clothes die, fabric paint and Sharpies, I tried it all! I hope you enjoy the collection.

Photography by Roberto Ligresti
Hair Vivienne Mackinder.
Assistant Color Lois Broderick
Make up David Maderich
Fashion styling – Montgomery Frazier
Fashion designer – Katya Leonovich

Assistants from the intern program
Sharmeen Azmudeh
Ashley Vessa & Kiya Prophyl

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