I’m a Hairstylist, What Now?

Hello Friends, Fellow Hairstylists, and Members of HairDesignerTv,   I hope business is booming for everyone this summer! However, if it's not, today just might be your lucky day!!!I recently received a message from a cosmetology student asking how to break into the industry. I wanted to share whispers of wisdom from the last 40 years... Continue Reading →

Discernment: How To Choose Education

Hello Friends, Fellow Hairstylists, and members of Hairdesignertv, INVESTING TIME OR WASTING TIME THAT IS THE QUESTION? I received an email recently from a very special student of mine who shared a recent experience in a cutting class. She wrote that she noticed everything the educator was doing inappropriately because of the education she had... Continue Reading →

Timeless Bobs

Hi there my friends, fellow hairstylists, and members of HairdesignerTV, This classic shape is timeless, from blunt to razor textured cuts, but one must add a modern interpretation to be relevant to current fashion trends. 40 years later I still love the Bob and all its variations, and, yet, to this day I am  still humbled... Continue Reading →

Are there Online Apprenticeship Programs?

Hello Fellow Hairstylists, Friends, and Members of Hairdesignertv, I, often, have hairstylists write to express their concern with lack of time and resources for proper training. That's why, today, I want to do an "in depth" post about The Designer Program. Our salons and lives have gotten so busy, it is, sometimes, hard to take... Continue Reading →

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