Pop Art

by Vivienne Mackinder
Fashion Director, Intercoiffure America/Canada
Color by Sue Pemberton

Whisper. Scream. Shout. Three active verbs, connoting sound and emotion—shorthand for the story of this collection.

The silhouettes in this collection are defined by color—delicate ‘whisper’ blondes, elegant reds, and finally, expensive jewel tones that scream with intensity. The interplay between cut and color infuses each look with life.

A Wall Street broker. A writer. A matron with a penchant for haute couture. An avant-garde model. Each client is an individual, with her own voice. We must develop a range of styles to match her unique lifestyle statement.

Our gift is to be able to project the client’s voice through the medium of our expertise. It’s how we add value to our services. A client who leaves the salon with color that could have come out of a box or a cookie-cutter style is a misused opportunity.

As artists, we must be able to whisper, shout and even scream, depending on the statement the client wants to make.

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The Team:

Hair: Vivienne Mackinder, Fashion Director, Intercoiffure America/Canada
Hair Color: Sue Pemberton
Hair Assistants: Rosemary Tejeda & Avian King
Photography: Julia Pogodina
ICA Nouveau Winners: Mariluz Rivera, Perry Monge Salon & Spa and Anita Hawke, The David K. Space
Fashion: David Widjaja
Make-up: David Maderich
Hair pieces by Brian Woobank, Hair Shop NW, Washington
Nails by Angi Wingle, CND

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