A cut above the rest

Hi there my Friends, I love precision cutting and the creativity of the razor. When I use my scissors I feel like an architect building a strong shape, I confess I morph back to my Vidal Sassoon Days! When I use my Razor I feel like a sculptor, and I am more playful, and yet... Continue Reading →

Contemporary Classic master Peice

Hi there my friends, I love Classics as they "withstand the passage of time", the challenge is giving the look a freshness.  TJ Weaver created a master peice with lovely textures and strong shapes. My Mantra "learn the rules and then break the rules." Classic finger waves Mixing bouffant with a razor cut. Bouffant with... Continue Reading →

Secret behind creativity.

Hi there my Friends, We are surrounded by object, shapes, colors, texture, all bombarding our senses, from a walk through nature, a museum, or high street. THE BIG QUESTION what do we see?  Do we take time to dwell and let ideas marinate, or  is our creative mind on Micro wave mod?  As the deadline... Continue Reading →

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