Hi there my Friends at HairDesignerTV, fellow stylists and colorist. Thank you for joining my blog. Our focus this week - "Fashion is fleeting but technique is timeless". I am thrilled to share with you a new cut FEATURED ON HAIRDESIGNERTV  (in short haircut Library). This cute cut (Melodi a 20’s style  Inspired By the Fashion she... Continue Reading →

How to blow dry the perfect bob

Hi there my Friends,  In this video I explain and demonstrate the perfect finish on a Bob.  As you know it is easy to distort a perfect cut line with a 'wobbly blow dry' which can spoil the look of your Bob. It is important to determine the depth and where the bevel should be... Continue Reading →

Learn 3 types of Bobs

Hi there my friends, A bob always tests my skill in discipline and precision, 40 years later I am still humbled by the BOB.  Notice the depth on this bob line. Do you know which method was used? Yes you are right  Against the skin (Bevelled top) While the horizontal line is very important, the... Continue Reading →

The truth about the bob

Hi there my Friends, Taylor Swift bob at the Grammies 2016 awards. The Bob truly is a timeless classic, and one of the most challenging lines to cut. Ok so 40 years later I am still humbled by the BOB, when you consider your desired end result consider the following:- Length Width and Depth of... Continue Reading →

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