Basket Weave Braid – how to do

Hi there my Friends, Braids still seem to be popular so how about trying a 20 strand braid? Get out your Pivot Point Manequin and get practicing. The look is lovely neat or relaxed and undone.  Great for showing off lovely color.  Check out this short video and get your fingers moving.   See you... Continue Reading →

Timeless Classics – Halo

"Style is timeless Fashion is fleeting" To learn this style check out join for all access as a 5 Star Member. Then as a member check out the classics where I demonstrate the halo haircut "Hampton Halo". Best Wishes Vivienne Mackinder Founder of For all booking inquires or to attend a live workshop or to... Continue Reading →

Your Mannequin is your best friend

Hi there my Friends,  I love my Mannequin heads, what a great place to create and experiment and the best of all they do not have an opinion! This is where I Rehearse before I perform  this week a big photoshoot in NYC  Yes my dear Viola from Pivot Point. Its amazing 40 years later... Continue Reading →

Immortal Beauty collection – part two

Hi there my Friends, If you missed part one of this collection please check out my previous blog, to appreciate the depth of this work. I was honored to work with Gjoko and Art direct this collection.  The result is spectacular, I personally love the mix of precision cutting - razor work and styling this fusion... Continue Reading →

How to blow dry the perfect bob

Hi there my Friends,  In this video I explain and demonstrate the perfect finish on a Bob.  As you know it is easy to distort a perfect cut line with a 'wobbly blow dry' which can spoil the look of your Bob. It is important to determine the depth and where the bevel should be... Continue Reading →

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