The Big Tease

Big Tease is about volume, feminine, sexy, and sultry hair. Every style in this collection is teased to create volume, wave patterns and curls. Throw away the flat iron, because it has no place in this collection! These styles are relaxed and undone, they’re lived in, and that is part of the sexiness.

We have become great craftspeople in the art of creative color and creating texture in hair through chemical services. We’re established in the principles of classic hair cutting, but the art of razor cutting still is an innovative tool and new art-form for many stylists. The combination and marriage of the razor with dressing and finishing skills creates newness in our business, a new frontier where we can expand our skills to give clients something more – and that’s what this collection is meant to inspire.

Clients currently come in for a weekly blow dry; let’s keep them excited and get them to come in for a set and then for teasing, and continue to create excitement and fascination in the hair and the services.

Create fascination. Don’t just dry hair – style hair

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The Team:
Hair | Vivienne Mackinder
Photography | Julia Pogodina
Make-up | David Maderich
Fashion Stylist | David Widjaja
Nails | Angi Wingle for CND
Hair Accessories | Daisy Fuentes
“Wow” Collection
Hair Assistants | Avian King
Rosemary Tejeda
Giulio Veglio
Photography Assistant | Atom Moore
Prop Stylist | Veronika Ossi
Producer | Dina Reilly

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